Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pasticceria Martini in Venice

This decades old pasticceria has a sentimental attachment for me, since we first discovered it on our honeymoon. It’s located just over the Ponte Guglie as you walk along the Lista di Spagna towards San Marco. To keep hotel costs down, we opted out of breakfast and wandered around looking for just such a place. You can order pastries to go, or stand at the counter to eat them and drink your cappucino or espresso like a Venetian would. Walk in and as old Italian tradition dictates, make your selection, pay for it and then you can start your day off right.

The variety of pastry is more than you would expect in such a small shop. They have biscotti, palmiers, mini tarts, cream puffs, an assortment of filled pastries, and in the lower photo we can see French custard filled choux pastries, chocolate mousse and tiramisu. These were only in one case, about 1/6th of what they were offering that day. The pastry is baked fresh daily and I have proof.

The photo on the left shows pastry dough in progress by a pastry chef young enough to be working there for many years to come. Lights on the ovens assure us that there are wonderful treats baking right there in the pasticceria. The young American on the right, a non coffee drinker, just had his first espresso and liked it; a good indication as to the quality of the coffee.

A traditional cornmeal biscotto, a fragipane tart and two chocolate mousse rounded out the morning for us. Did I mention the cappucino comes with whipped cream?

Rio Terà San Leonardo 1302
Cannaregio Venice
041 71 73 75

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