Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pasticceria Barberini in Testaccio


Pasticceria Barberini has been serving customers from its Via Marmorata address since the better part of the 20th century, and still holds its own when it comes to pastry, but recently there has been an expansion and the baking is done off premises. I suspect the next generation has taken over and wanted to put their own stamp on the business, so now they also serve gelati and snacks with bar drinks and coffee. I’ll miss the smell of baking cookies and pastries, but the quality has not suffered and adding to my choices when coming in to order a cappuccino and “la pasta”, my favorite Italian breakfast of coffee and a pastry, is just fine with me.

DSC00183 DSC00190

Another nice change is that now there is a small room in the back where you can sit down at a table to eat or drink your order. Macarons never before graced the shelves of Pasticceria Barberini, but since the formation of the EU, you are more likely to see traditional foods and products from one country being sewn into the fabric of another. If you don’t believe that, just count the number of Irish pubs throughout Europe. I just hope each individual culture doesn’t get so diluted that I may as well not bother traveling between them. That being said, I am always delighted seeing a macaron, but I usually reserve my purchase of them for travel in France.

Here is a visual summation of the gelati:

DSC00191DSC00192 DSC00194DSC00195 DSC00196DSC00193

I’ll also let the pastry speak for itself in the following photos, but I will add that this has been my favorite pastry shop for a very long time:

DSC00197 DSC00216 DSC00206 DSC00203 DSC00205 DSC00210 DSC00198 DSC00204 DSC00199 DSC00201 DSC00200 DSC00207 DSC00202 DSC00211 DSC00212 DSC00213


panettone said...

We love Barberini. It's not as well known as some of the other pasticcerie in Rome but everything is delicious. The cappuccino and caffe are also excellent.

Vita D'Oro said...

We often stay at Hotel Santa Prisca and skip their breakfast so we can walk across the street to Pasticceria Barberini. I found mention of it in a cook book written in 1988 that said it was a well known institution at that time.