Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Gelateria Valentino


Within a block or so east of the Trevi Fountain is another refreshing place to go on a hot day or evening in Rome. Gelateria Valentino carries a decent selection of artisanal gelati and sorbetti that are especially strong in their fruit flavors. They also carry peanut butter, but it was not available on the night we strolled in. I was more than happy with my selection of watermelon and coconut and even though I ordered a cup, they saw to it that I didn’t leave without a cone too. They reserve the bench outside of the shop for patrons and it was nice to have a place to sit without having to “move along” as Giolitti patrons were forced to do, if they didn’t order more extravagant items from the table service menu. Here is a photo essay on what they carry.

DSC00031 DSC00033 DSC00032 DSC00028

San Crispino, another artisanal gelateria in the area gets much press and praise for it’s organic gelato, but , excuse the expression, it left me cold. As we walked into the shop, all we could see was a counter containing two rows of stainless steel containers with lids and a board with the names of the available gelati. They only lifted the lids to serve up each order. I had heard that the flavors were highly original, but some of the flavor combinations just seemed odd. Fig was the only uncommon flavor in and of itself, so I ordered it. The color had no eye appeal and had I seen it beforehand, I would not have ordered it. If my memory serves me well, I tossed half of it, rather than finish it. Something I rarely do. Don’t let someone else’s opinion deter you from trying whatever appeals to you. I’ve personally disliked gelaterie that have received accolades like Giolitti and San Crispino, and liked others that have been panned.

Via Del Lavatore 96, Rome 00187 Italy Phone:06 6783219 http://www.gelateriavalentino.it/ing/Html_ing/index.html

Gelateria San Crispino Via Della Panetteria 42 http://www.ilgelatodisancrispino.it/ilgelato

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