Thursday, September 15, 2011

KLM Airlines and Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam


In my never ending search for a modestly priced airline ticket, it was a natural to check out KLM, since we were planning on starting our vacation in Amsterdam. As it turned out, it was a lower price than on American carriers, but even better, the food was tastier than expected. The staff was efficient and friendly and the cabin was very comfortable.

 DSC03794 DSC03799

Who would expect a Flemish carbonnade and stoemp, the national mashed potato dish that sometimes also adds turnips or cabbage? It was so nice to not be served chicken or a pasta that is barely edible; I was overjoyed, yet puzzled. Did they fly it all the way here? If it was made in San Francisco, why don’t other airlines use this company? Breakfast was just as plentiful as dinner and packed with protein and light carbohydrates, the perfect landing meal. If I’ve learned one thing while flying, eat carbs for dinner and protein for breakfast. The carbs put you to sleep and the protein, being harder to digest, keeps you awake and alert.

 DSC03805 DSC03808

Schiphol required one to be very alert. As you leave the baggage area you can find public transportation, if you can keep away from all the shops conveniently located between the two. Upon this particular arrival we headed directly to the ticket lines for the trains into Amsterdam. You need to take the escalators down to the tracks and most signs can  ultimately be figured out, but if you need help, there is an information kiosk close by. The photo on the left is the line for the kiosk. I suspect there may not have been so many people needing help, but the tracks for Amsterdam became blocked and shut down a few minutes before our arrival. At the Information kiosk we learned of an alternate route that would take us beyond Central Station to a small town where we could take another train and backtrack into the city.

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