Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Campo Dei Fiore Neighborhood Dining


Eating in or near the Campo Dei Fiore is as easy as could be. As with most tourist destinations, the area is filled with an abundance of restaurants from which to choose, but which one? My long standing approach is to "follow your nose" and pursue an aroma directly into a restaurant. However, when they are piled one upon another in close proximity of a popular location, that is easier said than done. Asking a local where they would take their mother for her birthday has proven a good technique for many years, but if you're shy about that approach, walking a bit beyond the crowds and listening at the restaurant door for local language also works well, not only for food quality but for lower price. If anyone grows up in an area, you can bet they know where the best local food can be found, at the lowest prices.

Here are links to a few restaurants I would return to again:

Acchiappafantasmi  DSC03640


DSC03469  Ar Galletto


Dar Fillettaro A Santa Barbara  DSC05432


DSC05114  La Carbonara


Osteria Da Fortunato  DSC03542


DSC05465 Osteria Merlone


Nonna Vicenza Pasticceria DSC04731


DSC04816    Ristorante Campo Dei Fiore


Roscioli  DSC04357


DSC04191  Ristorante Pierluigi

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