Friday, May 19, 2006

Morning in Sarlat... A French Breakfast

What could be a better breakfast than coffee or tea and a chocolate croissant? Short answer: nothing! On our way to the market in Sarlat, we wound our way along small medieval streets and found a patisserie for this light repast. Notice the hand tied teabag on the table; I found it rather charming in this age of mass production. As you can see, we also had to try a chocolate macaroon, that did not make it to the plate in one piece for the photo.

I'm certain we will take better advantage of this lovely city on our next visit. More time to spend in Sarlat would certainly enhance another trip to the Dordogne region of Southern France. Each trip to a new place always becomes a reconissance for information that we study and refine for another visit. It would be such a pleasure to rent an apartment in this area in order to be able to cook with the local ingredients.

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