Saturday, May 20, 2006

View From Hotel Belle Etoile

On the second day of our three day stay in La Roque we enquired about changing rooms. Our top floor room was very nice but because the weather was becoming very warm, we would prefer a north facing room. We had only booked for three nights so we did not have high hopes that the hotel would allow a change. They showed us the available room and we decided to extend our stay by another two days. It was a smaller 50 euros room "without a view ". Not by my standards. As we looked down, we could also enjoy a small shaded garden. I should note here that room #16 (with this view), in contrast to all other rooms, had no television, but that made little difference to us. I had been admiring the mini chateau each time I saw it, so finding it outside my window was a delightful experience.Posted by Picasa

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