Friday, May 19, 2006

Domme, Foie Gras Heaven

This has to be the perfect Dordogne town, nestled on it's airy perch above the river, overlooking the valley. The view from the Esplanade is something to behold. We found ourselves gravitating to this town again and again. Going back for a longer visit would be a pleasure. Domme also has the designation of "most beautiful village", along with its neighbors, Beynac and La Roque- Gageac.

Walking along the Esplanade was so lovely and there was a small restaurant along the edge for refreshments. A salad of mixed greens, goat cheese, walnuts, and honey is typical of the area, as the Perigord region is where walnuts are grown. It would be a given that honey bees were in abundance in this agricultural area.

The main street is dominated by shops geared toward tourists, but since the dominant product of the area is foie gras, most of the shops were gourmet Wonderlands and I was a content Alice on my way down the Rabbit Hole. Again I must urge you to keep up with current U.S. Agricultural regulations before planning on bringing poultry or meat products into the U.S.

If you miss the Saturday market in Sarlat, the small town of Ceynac, just below Domme has a Sunday Market that is worthwhile to visit. We bought a Comte cheese there that had been aged far longer than most commercial products. It had a remarkable nutty taste.

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