Sunday, May 21, 2006

Macarons in St Emillion / Attitude in Paris

On our way to the Dordogne, we stopped by the little village of St Emillion and found this lovely bakery. The prices seemed a bit high at 7 euro per bag of macarons, until I started pricing them elsewhere, however, these were not filled.

This town has a worldwide reputation for fine sparkling wine and tastings were available everywhere. Since we were driving further that day, to our final destination of the Dordogne, we had to pass on the sampling. The owner was kind enough to let us photograph his bakery; very small but efficient. Delightful.

Somewhat less delightful was our experience at La Truffiere (4 rue Blainville - 75005 Paris 33146332982) Their food was superb, the wait staff exceptional, prices were of the "splurge" (very big splurge) level, the room with vaulted ceilings, beautiful. So what was the problem you ask? My one word answer (two if you count the article) the sommelier. He literally grilled me when I said we did not want to order wine. It was not sufficient to refuse, a reason was required.
Since we were already paying 192 euros for 2 starters, 2 main courses and two glasses of champagne, the primary reason was cost, which one might surmise, but this was not sufficient for him. He insisted on an answer, so I told him the second reason. I found most wine to be too acidic for my taste. After a long discourse on fine wine, he finally left our table, but not soon enough to have avoided ruining our evening. Still the food was superb, as is evidenced by the above photo of Parmentier de Canard aux Truffes Moires et Foie Gras leg stew with mashed potatoes, black truffle and sauteed foie gras!

Another main course we ordered was roast lamb. The artfully "painted" pureed eggplant was not quite a teaspoonful, but looked nice on the plate. The vegetable offering was a combination of carrots and zucchini layered between two sheets of pasta with Comte cheese (very nutty tasting) and mushrooms. This had to be the most tender and "gamey" lamb I have ever eaten, so I believe it was prime grade, just luscious. The restaurant is located between the Pantheon and the Place de la Contrescarpe, a very village like setting on a hill in the Left Bank.Posted by Picasa

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