Friday, May 19, 2006

The Dordogne As Seen From La Roque-Gageac

Upon our arrival to La Roque-Gageac we snapped this photo of one of the many boat tours available in the area. Kayaking is another option for visitors to the area, as well as renting canoes. The pace of the river is slow and relaxed, and you might find your thoughts meandering as does the river.

As part of Perigord, the Dordogne is riddled with restaurants serving foie gras, truffles and walnuts. Besides restaurants, many culinary options present themselves to tourists and locals alike, including street markets, specialty stores, and farms. We delighted in trying dried sausages made from ducks as well as geese, or pork that included either olives or walnuts.

Wonderful products such as walnut oil, morel, truffle or chantrelle flavored olive oils; walnut or truffle flavored mustards, and aged (hard) cheeses make wonderful momentos of your trip or gifts for friends. Please do not consider bringing back any meat or poultry products at this time if you are returning to the U.S.

I had an interesting conversation with a customs agent that saw fit to confiscate all the foie gras, rillettes and goose fat I was carrying. Bird flu seems to be a big concern of the agriculture department. My big question is, if it's so potentially hazardess, why can I still buy French foie gras (at a much inflated price) over the internet?

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